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Code of Ethics & Practitioner Promise 

We pledge to:

BE loving

This is a practice of love. During a session we will pour love on you. Honor yourself. Be open to receiving an outpouring of physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic love. Many people are not used to accepting love, so it may take some time and practice for you to completely surrender. While this practice is erotic, this practice is not sex in the traditional sense. It does not include sexual intercourse, oral sex, or the exchange of bodily fluids.


BE in relationship

In the healing space we are in a client/practitioner relationship. This is a one-way relationship where the focus is on the client. Outside of the healing space, it may be possible that we interact with one another in a different capacity. We may see each other in communal space, interact on social media, or even be friends.  However, the client/practitioner relationship will always be sacred. Whatever happens in a healing session will remain private.


BE respectful of boundaries

In the healing environment, touch is unidirectional, practitioner to client, and is always done with consent. I will maintain boundaries set by the client making sure to gain consent before engaging in touch practice. Acknowledging that the client always has the right to revoke consent. As a unidirectional practice, I have the right to end the session and remove myself if the client attempts to touch or disrespect my boundaries in any way.


BE safe

We will be working closely together both mentally and physically. At all times, I will follow proper safety protocols and procedures. I will maintain a space that is clean and properly sterilized. I will provide a safe space to share emotions, thoughts, and feelings. 


BE present

During our interactions I will be present. I will be free from outside distractions so that I can clearly hear, listen to, and respond to verbal, physical, and energetic messages. 


BE clear

Two-way communication is key to a healthy relationship. I will be clear in my communication about what you can expect before, during, and after a session. I am open to, and appreciate, clients who are clear about their needs and boundaries. I will also be open about what is outside of my expertise and will make outside referrals if necessary.


BE grateful

I am honored that you have chosen me for this part of your healing journey. 

I am grateful for your presence and grateful for feedback. It is important for you to feel comfortable sharing what is, and is not, working for you. Feedback allows us to work together for your greatest mental, spiritual, and physical growth.


BE respectful 

I respect the sacredness of space. I will address you by your preferred name and respect the sanctity of our relationship and space. Neither party may take photos or recordings of any kind without prior written consent.


BE Grace

As I am only human, I may make mistakes. There is no way of knowing exactly what words/actions will trigger a person at any given moment. At some point, I may say the wrong thing, move too quickly, or do something that is uncomfortable. Though they will not be intentional, they may cause unintended harm. For that I apologize. I promise to accept feedback with grace and do what I can to repair the damage. It is my sincere hope that clients will extend the same grace to me as we engage in the healing process together.


We are co-creators of our shared space. As such, we pledge to adhere to the ethics outlined and to communicate, and agree to any additions we feel are important prior to engaging in the work.

Health & Covid Policy: Green Goddess Studio is a community where we practice Ahimsa. You can achieve this by practicing mindfulness, care, compassion, understanding and support for yourself and then the world and other living beings who share it with you.


During Covid, the practice of Ahimsa looks like: getting vaccinated or wearing a mask if unvaccinated; staying home if sick or if you have been in contact with someone who is Covid positive; washing hands and maintaining a safe distance when possible. Above all, this practice means being honest and honorable when it comes to the health and safety of the community. No matter your beliefs about Covid, if you choose to enter the Green Goddess Studio community you make a choice to adhere to the standards set by the community. Thank you. 

"That was a beautiful experience. Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing that with me! I am so grateful! I want to say that this work feels really important and more people should know about it."  - Megan

Green Goddess KAP Studio
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