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Watch as one of Green Goddess' teachers brings cuddle therapy to the Bachelor on primetime TV!

Healing Touch


Healing Touch and Cuddling sessions are powerful. Please read About the Work and Healing Touch Services sections below to learn more about what we offer at the studio. We are committed to providing safe, comfortable,enjoyable sessions for everyone. Please see our FAQ and Gallery for answers to common questions.

  Please note all new client healing touch sessions require booking a 15 minute Zoom consultation.

Contact us. We would be happy to guide you to a session that works for you. 

About the Work  

We believe in the healing power of touch and firmly believe that it is everyone’s right to be touched in ways that make them feel good. 


Our work is about your skin and nerves, not your muscles. The largest organ in your body is often neglected. We are touch deprived and starving to be touched outside of sexual encounters. 


Our work is about consent in regards to touch, sexual encounters, and allowing people to enter your energetic and physical field.


Our work is about discovering what does and does not bring you pleasure and joy.


Our work is about love for all bodies regardless of shape, size, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc.


Our work is intuitive and intimate. We are guided by no agenda other than the healing our clients deserve and desire. 


Our practice is rooted in the belief that we are sensual beings who desire the touch of other human beings. That our desire for touch is normal even though it has been demonized by our puritanical heteronormative culture that sees the body and our desires as shameful. We believe in expanding the ways in which we express our desires for touch and connection with others. Making sensual touch outside of romantic partnerships the norm instead of something taboo. Therefore, it is not governed by any professional association or governing board. This work is ancestral and part of a long history that has often been demonized because of its power.


Over the course of multiple sessions, through touch, a sense that is often ignored in therapeutic practices, clients will be able to: use their voice to give consent; recognize and express what gives them pleasure; receive touch and pleasure; learn how to pleasure yourself and others.


Each session varies depending on the needs of the client. For those who have experienced trauma, body shaming, or have a deep loathing for their body, a session may be fully clothed consisting of exercises around consent, working on becoming comfortable touching oneself and being touched, and overcoming trauma to rediscover the pleasure of touch. For those who are more comfortable, or willing, touch sessions can be fully naked experiences where consensual sensual non-sexual touch is experienced through all parts of the body. Prior to the session, we will work together to determine what you will experience in your session, knowing that you always have the right to revoke consent.


Conscious Erotic Touch is a beautiful dance that infuses Tantric Meditation, Breath, Energy Work, and Sensual Somatic Touch of the WHOLE BODY. Abandoning Western Puritanical rules around sex and touch. As a Conscious Erotic Touch practitioner, I invite you into a spiritual experience.


In this work together, may you find your voice and become an empowered sensual being who finds a path to healing through touch, revels in being touched, and spreads the joy and pleasure of consensual touch to others.

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Healing Touch Services:

Cuddle Session 60 Minutes: Cuddling is a fully clothed intimate, yet non-sexual touch experience for those who crave being held. Sessions can include: hugging, spooning, holding hands, compassionate conversation and affirmations, or quiet. $150


Love Yourself 60 Minutes: This fully clothed session is for people who are sensitive about being touched and/or taking off their clothes. During the session we will work on touch and consent exercises to help you become more comfortable touching yourself and being touched by others. $150


Sensual Healing 90 Minute Touch Session: The session is done without clothing. We will begin with a brief conversation where we will establish what touch you are comfortable receiving and discuss any issues you may be having. The majority of the time will be spent with you lying on a massage table where you will relax and enjoy being touched for at least an hour. The session will end with warm towels and a grounding exercise. $200


Green Goddess Special 2 Hours: A two hour session includes everything in a 90 minute session with the addition of being bathed before lying on the massage table. When's the last time someone bathed you? $250


Pleasure Mapping 2 Hours: Do you know what brings you pleasure? Do you have a hard time expressing to your partner what feels good? Do you have shame about the things that turn you on? In this “shame free” session we will “map your body” and explore what does, and does not, bring you pleasure. You will be guided to touch yourself and/or I will touch you to help you discover the things that make you moan. Toys such as vibrators, butt plugs, and paddles may be used during the session. $250


Add a Partner: All touch sessions can be done with the help of a partner for an additional $75

For information on the Green Goddess signature sensual healing events please check here frequently while we add exciting events!

The tears are starting to come. Just moments of enlightenment or gratefulness for the things I’ve been brought through. I’m being more kind and less judgmental toward myself. I’ve also been having a huge push towards getting closer to God like I know he’s holding my hand but I want to be even tighter. Lol … Once again thank you for the experience and looking forward to your return.”  - Alexis

Green Goddess KAP Studio
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