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Energy ~ Pleasure ~ Rest

Green Goddess offers a variety of services and workshops centered around the body, mind, and spirit.


Book a private KAP session, Death Chat, or personalized mini-retreat. 


Looking for a personal international retreat? Come to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica: Book a 2-4 day customized retreat in Atenas, Costa Rica. 

Contact us to book now or with questions. 


Please note: all services are in Costa Rica or virtual. I no longer facilitate services in Atlanta.  Read More... 

Treat Yourself !


90 minute KAP Session:

Please email to book.

KAP is energetic touch. It stands for Kundalini Activation Process and is a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Awakening of your Kundalini energy. This is an intelligent energy, and a safe, natural process that does just what your system needs in any given moment.

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Our Mission

We are creating an open, loving, welcoming wellness studio space for everyone to facilitate the healing of their bodies and rejuvenate their spirits. Our work is about love for all bodies regardless of shape, size, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. Please read more about The Green Goddess Studio and our open door policy here


We believe in the healing power of touch and firmly believe that it is everyone’s right to be touched in ways that make them feel good. In this work together, We hope you find your voice and become an empowered sensual being who finds a path to healing through touch, revels in being touched, and spreads the joy and pleasure of consensual touch to others.

Ahimsa is a principle in yoga defined as the end of violent words, thoughts or actions towards yourself or others. In a general sense it means doing your best to not bring harm to yourself and the people in your community. Our studio practices ahimsa and during this challenging time we ask that you practice ahimsa by following our Covid Policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our visitors. 

Read more about our Promise to you, our Founder, and our Services. You are all welcome at Green Goddess Studio. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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